2010년 1월 6일 수요일

Numeric Paranoia - a brand new puzzle stirring your brain

Enjoy brand new puzzle, Stir your brain!
'Numeric Paranoia' is so simple but extremely addictive puzzle game.
Featuring 264 unique puzzles in puzzle mode and infinite stages for arcade modes.

Rule is simple:
1. Start at 1 and finish at the biggest number.
2. Follow the sequence of numbers
3. Cover all the plates.

But after trying, you'll find it's not that easy.


PUZZLE MODE : Challenge to 264 unique puzzles!

ARCADE MODE : Experience the infinite gameplay from 6 different game modes by unlocking all modes.

DUEL MODE : Compete with your friend, playing one-on-one!

Various items in arcade mode
Local and Global highscores
Beautiful game music and sound effects
Automatic arcade game save
Tutorial so friendly
Two skins selectable for your taste

Available in AppStore

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  • 2010년 1월 7일 오전 10:50 , Anonymous 익명 덧글 내용...

    Cool games you have made!

    Have you considered implementing a social platform for all your games?

    AGON Online is a great platform for the iPhone with a lot of cool features.

    You can learn more about AGON at the developer page developer.agon-online.com, or you can check out the demo video, to get a brief overview of all the AGON features.


  • 2010년 3월 17일 오전 6:54 , Blogger Cho 덧글 내용...

    I really love this game~
    By the way, how do I unlock modes other than "classic" and "duel" mode?

  • 2010년 4월 16일 오전 3:12 , Blogger PurpleRobo 덧글 내용...

    Dear Cho,
    We're really sorry for late reply.
    To unlock other modes, You need enough points or level.
    For instance If you cleared level 8 in classic mode before game over, Non-stop with no item mode will be unlocked.

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  • 2015년 1월 25일 오전 7:55 , Blogger Tom Cutrofello 덧글 내용...

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